Carrying something beyond the
essential for each country.


Servicios y Alimentos Bistro, begins in 2005 as a company dedicated to attend the supplying needs for the oil sector in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. During its growth, BISTRO included catering and housekeeping services in land and offshore. The development of the company has attracted the attention of clients in the ports of the Mexican Gulf, consolidating us as a leader company.


Offering of customized solutions in supplies, food services and maritime hospitality.


To be the leading company with global presence, of supplies, food services and hospitality in the maritime sector.

How we can do it?

Following an internal philosophy of efforts to achieve it.


With our internal and external customers and in our daily work.


To customers , suppliers, internal personnel and the society in the compliance with laws and regulations.

Team work

With staff, creating a working environment where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the goals of the company.

  • Align our business strategy to meet the needs of society, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring compliance with established regulations.
  • We focus on delivering solutions quickly to suit the needs of our clients and strengthen to their operation.
  • We want to offer to every employee development both professionally and staff.
  • Ensuring a safe work environment through training and safety equipment.

Our commitment is to meet the needs of our customers with a focus on processes, continuous improvement and innovation of services. Providing food and hotel supplies; quality work and provide safety and environmental protection, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, as well as legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring the sustained growth of our company.

We focus on overall customer satisfaction.

Development of our staff to create a sense of belonging.

Commitment to develop the skills of our staff towards the satisfaction of our customers, meeting service issues, attention, culinary expertise, specialization in guest service and diner, regulations, legal and regulatory aspects.

Constant updates on legal policy and regulatory accounting standards, quality, safety, occupational health and environmental care issues.